Optimizing eCommerce Conversions: 7 Effective Tricks

If you are in the eCommerce business, you must be constantly having one thought, how can you go about optimizing eCommerce conversions. As the competition is intense in this rapidly changing and rapidly growing industry, you need to ensure that you are using the right tricks for eCommerce optimization. 

We are all witnessing a major boom in the online shopping world. The eCommerce industry is expanding faster than the speed of light all around the world, especially in India. As internet connectivity and infrastructure is on the rise, a lot of Indians are inclining towards online shopping. According to a report, the Indian eCommerce industry is expected to surpass the US by 2034.

This goes to show the kind of intense competition that is brewing in the eCommerce industry. With a lot of brands aiming to target the same target audience as you, your eCommerce brand needs to ensure you boost your conversions rapidly and consistently. 

However, we are aware that optimizing conversion rate is one of the most common concerns of eCommerce website owners. It might get overwhelming too at times, when you are trying everything in your capacity and still not able to boost eCommerce conversions. 

Don’t worry. In this article, we will discuss all about eCommerce and I will tell you a few effective eCommerce conversion optimization tricks that will surely help you. So, are you ready? Let’s begin. 


What Does Conversion Mean for Ecommerce?

To understand how you can improve your conversion rates, you first need to get a clear idea of what conversion rate actually is. I interact with a lot of eCommerce brands every now and then, and while many want to climb up the conversion ladder, they only have a vague understanding of what it entails. 

In a general sense, a conversion rate for your website means the percentage of people who perform the desired action from the people who visit your website. In a more specific sense, the conversion rate for your eCommerce site will mean that of the people who visit your website, how many are actually buying your products. 

A lot of eCommerce websites have amazing traffic coming their way, and they believe that will lead them to success. As a result, when the profitability and sales numbers show up, brands are often baffled as to why they are not getting the results they desire. 

This is because even though visitors are finding you and visiting your website, they are somehow still not making a purchase. In simple words, your traffic is not turning into conversions. 

Let’s try to understand this further. 


How Does Traffic On Your Ecommerce Website Become Conversion?

conversion optimization ecommerce

Now, the next question is how does the traffic on your website turn into conversions? In an ideal setting, the process of generating business from new and existing customers would run like clockwork: 

  • Users visit your site. 
  • They navigate through the products they like and add those to the cart (visit the website with the intent of taking action.)
  • Finally, they engage in the purchase without hesitation, resulting in high website conversion rates

However, the notion of an idealistic world is a little different from the actual world. In reality, there are many drop-offs throughout the shopping funnel. This results in low conversions and hence lower profitability. 

Did you know that the cart abandonment rate in India is as high as 75%? What is the problem though? Why even after a significant amount of traffic, the conversion rate still manages to be low? Let’s explore the reasons for it. 

The ability of eCommerce sites to transition site visitors to paying customers relies on a combination of strategies and tips. So, why do eCommerce conversions fail? Let’s take a look at it. 


What Are Some Effective eCommerce Conversion Tips?

While Amazon boasts a conversion rate of more than 13%, the picture of D2C players in the eCommerce market paints a different picture. According to a report, the conversion rate of an eCommerce website in India can be as low as 2.42%.

When I was studying these numbers, I often used to wonder why these numbers were so low. Why are a lot of eCommerce brands unable to drive conversions even when they are driving traffic? 

Through my research of innumerable eCommerce websites, I have come across some key reasons why conversion rates falter, and with that, I have come up with solutions to optimizing those dipping conversions. 

Now, to optimize conversions for your eCommerce website, you need to ensure that you are setting some of the modifications in place. 

If you have the right amendments set in place, your eCommerce conversion optimizations will be higher and quicker. Here, I have combined seven effective conversion optimization tricks for your eCommerce brand. Let’s take a look.


#1 Create a Pervasive Interface 

optimize ecommerce conversions

According to a report, the first 5 seconds of your website’s load time will have the highest impact on your conversion rate. Everyone who is visiting your website will probably end up buying your product or service if your website provides them with a good user experience. 

However, a lot of eCommerce websites are failing to do just that. I understand you want to display your products and drive sales. However, if you do that too much, or if you don’t have a proper navigation interface in place, your conversion rates will be hampered. 

Your eCommerce website can be very appealing. However, if it is too congested and making it difficult for the audience to navigate through, they will be put off. End result? Dropping conversion rates even if you receive high traffic. 

To begin with, the focal aim is to pull the site visitor’s eyes to a certain aspect of your website. These aspects will typically be the parts that allow them to browse through your website with the intent of engaging with your business commercially. Needless to say, the modern consumer is more likely to connect further with your eCommerce site if they feel,

  • That your website is easy and informative with organized Inlaid text.
  • Your website integrates attractive infographics. 
  • Your website has an alluring product catalogue that is adaptable and invites the user to take action. 

Make sure you have a team in place who can take care of making the overall user experience better with a pervasive interface. This will definitely help in optimizing your eCommerce website’s conversion. 


#2 Ensure an Easy Navigation 

easy navigation conversion

Even if you have all the interfaces in place, if your visitors are not able to navigate through your website easily, you will experience drop-offs. Therefore, ensure that you are providing them with easy and seamless navigation throughout your website. 

Unlike traditional brick-and-mortar stores, avoid swamping the product over your website haphazardly. You must be wondering what I mean by this, let me give you an example. 

Suppose people are visiting your website. However, they are not able to browse and discover what they’re looking for. What will happen then? The visitors will most likely leave the website. 

They will then go to a competitor’s website which offers them the navigation experience they are looking for and will purchase the product from there within a fraction of seconds. This is not something we want right? So, we need to improve on this. 

A simple strategy could be to integrate a navigation bar that allows users to easily access the venture to the next category in the hierarchy of products. With strategic division, your visitors can easily dig deeper into specific products offered within various categories. 

Furthermore, you should also ensure the visitors are offered the most relevant product relating to what they are searching for. The products or services should sustain complete information framed to sync with the customer’s search queries. 


#3 Engage Through Social Media Channels

optimize ecommerce social

Just like making the user experience easy and smooth is important on your eCommerce website, integrating your eCommerce website with your social media channels is also important. 

A report suggests that about 71% of online shoppers are likely to recommend you on social media if they have a satisfying experience. Moreover, another report also suggests that about 80% of the overall online shoppers are on social media. This means that if they come across your brand on social media, they might want to directly buy from there. 

However, what would they do if you have not integrated your eCommerce website with your social media channels? That’s right, they will find the brand that has integrated them. 

As more eCommerce giants turn to social media platforms to engage with the users directly, the importance of social media cannot be overlooked. 

Social selling is here and is here to stay. If you overlook its importance, your conversion will suffer a blow. So, it is important that your eCommerce brand aligns with social commerce as well. For instance, you can have a “shopping” button on your social media posts which will directly bring the users to your website. 

This way, not only will you generate traffic and engagement but, you will optimize your eCommerce conversions. 

Make sure you are constantly on the audience’s mind there. The way to attract consumer influx from social media relies heavily on visual representation. Creative infographics, crisp, clear, easily understandable, and eye-catching posts, videos and animations along with the easy shift from social media to your eCommerce website will get you brownie points. 


#4 Offer a Seamless Checkout Experience 

ecommerce checkout optimization

More than 40% of the buyers drop off while shopping because they complain of a bad checkout experience. 

There are chances that you have visitors who come to your website with the intent of buying. However, they get put off by the long and time-consuming process. For instance, when you go to any website to shop, you have to register yourself and add the address, your mobile number, email ID and other personal details. 

That itself tires you out the first time. Now imaging having to do that all over again the next time you visit the same website. You will shift to another one or just leave your items in the cart, right? 

This happens with the customers as well. Being asked for details every time they visit a website puts them off and they decide to not proceed with buying. So, if you have a checkout system in place that is long and makes your target customers feel hassled, that might be one of the biggest reasons for your below par conversion rate. 

Therefore, provide customers with a seamless checkout experience. Ensure a faster checkout process with a ton of ways the modern consumer can make the online payment. From VISA to UPI, check into which payment methods the target audience typically prefers and cater to these needs. 

You can collaborate with a partner who can optimize your conversion rate with hassle-free checkout processes, prefilled address and other details, one step UPI payments and more. 

Moreover, offering incentives through exit-intent popups or strategizing the value of products can also be some ways of engaging the cart abandoners. 

A potential customer is only lost if you let them. With correct strategies, make efforts in converting the cart abandoner into a brand fanatic. Sounds like a plan right?


#5 Make Online Payment Easy 

optimized conversion payment

Another major reason for low eCommerce conversion is the complex online payment process. As India has moved towards digitization, we are all seeing the rise of online payments. UPI, net banking, debit/credit card payments are also coming to become the most preferred modes of payments for the Indian eCommerce sector. 

However, the problem arises when your website doesn’t offer a seamless online payment experience to your customers. For instance, when a prospective customer tries to make UPI payments, he has to shift between apps multiple times to finally make the payment. 

A lot of customers find this troublesome and decide to drop off altogether. As a result, your conversion rate takes a hit. 

Keeping the online payment process to minimal steps will help increase your conversion rate significantly. If you can make it a one-step process, nothing better than that. Your users will be delighted with the fact that they can make payments that easily. 

Create a user interface that facilitates easy payments to your customers. You can collaborate with GoKwik’s UPI payment suite as well. With this, your users will not have to switch between multiple apps to complete their UPI payment, and your conversion rate will rise. 


#6 Try to Reduce RTO

optimized payment rto

A lot of times, you might see that you are getting conversion but somehow it isn’t getting reflected in your overall success. This is because of another significant problem that is hurting your conversion rate. The problem of RTO (Return to origin). 

Return to origin is a very common, yet troublesome problem faced by merchants in India. A lot of orders get shipped but for some reason, get returned to the warehouse. This not only affects conversion but also brings extra handling and shipping charges. In India alone, the rate of RTO is as high as 30%

So, what are the reasons for such a high RTO percentage? Let’s understand that. 


    • Cash On Delivery Orders

    Even though modes of digital payments have evolved, India is still majorly a cash-driven country. More than 60-70% of the online shopping is done through the cash on delivery mode. 

    This is because orders through this mode of payment get returned due to multiple reasons, like: 

    • The customer never intended to buy the product. 
    • He/She saw a better offer somewhere else and decided to pursue that.
    • He/She is waiting for prices to fall down. 
    • The customer changed his/her mind and decided to not buy the product altogether.

    While CoD may be convenient for the shoppers, it poses a problem of increased RTO for you which can go as high as 40% in this case. As a result, it will affect your conversion rate. 

    Now, the question is how can you reduce RTO owing to CoD orders? It is impossible to remove the CoD payment option altogether as a lot of people prefer it. However, you can have a system in place that analyses consumer behavioural patterns and flags high-risk orders. After that, you can decide to remove the CoD order option from those high-risk orders altogether. 

    Another way is to offer discounts and other incentives on online payments. This way, your customers will be motivated to pay through online payment modes. End result? Reduced RTO and increased conversion. Sounds great right?


    • Incomplete or Inaccurate Addresses

    Another reason for increased RTO in India is incomplete or inaccurate addresses. We all know that internet availability and connectivity has improved all-around India. As a result, a lot of online orders come from Tier2, Tier 3 and even Tier 4 cities now. 

    While the expansion is a great step ahead, the addresses given are sometimes inaccurate or incomplete. This makes it hard for shipping vendors to deliver the order to the exact location. Sometimes, even the contact details could be entered wrong. As a result, the shipping vendor will have no option but to return the package to the warehouse. 

    This again increases your RTO and dips your conversion. So, how do you solve this problem? You can have a partner like Gokwik in place that can help you detect incomplete and inaccurate addresses using AI and Machine learning techniques. 

    Moreover, through these techniques, you will also be able to find out the exact delivery location by matching nearby areas to the address in question. This is a tried and tested way to reduce RTO and increase conversions.  


    #7 Offer a Strong Support Team

    support system optimize conversion

    Your work doesn’t end after you have successfully managed to optimize conversions. You need to also grow and retain that conversion. In order to do that, you need to have a strong support team in place. 

    If any issue is coming with the technical elements of your website, have a technical support team to address that. Apart from that, have a support team set up for customers to proactively and promptly handle their queries, issues and complaints. 

    A customer who is offered continuous support will be the one who will help your conversion rates go high. So, ensure to keep your customers happy throughout their shopping experience and beyond that too. 


    How The Man Company Increased Its Conversion By 25%?

    the man company

    The Man Company is one of the leading pioneers in the men’s grooming industry. Having over 30% share in the beard grooming market, they have a wide range of quality products including beard, body and face care along with fragrance and other products. 

    Every D2C brand strives to optimize its eCommerce conversions. That’s what The Man Company strived to do as well. Facing the issue of multiple dropoffs throughout the shopping funnel and preference of customers inclining towards cash on delivery, they wanted to set up a system in place that decreased drop-offs, facilitated online payments and boosted conversion with RTO protection. That’s when they decided to collaborate with GoKwik. 

    Gokwik offered an overall suite of seamless checkout, one step UPI payment and RTO protection using a smart and smooth user interface along with an AI/ML-enabled algorithm tailor-made just for The Man Company. 

    End result? Their conversion rate soared by 25% and continues to see an upside graph. Moreover, the prepaid orders also increased by a whopping 40%. The Man Company is experiencing success like never before with GoKwik. 


    Wrapping It Up

    That’s it. These are some researched, tried and tested ways in which you can optimize your eCommerce conversions. Ecommerce conversion can seem tricky. However, with the right tools, infrastructure, direction and partners in place, your eCommerce conversion will go higher and quickly so. 

    You can start with creating a blueprint of what is the current status of your eCommerce conversions, the reasons for low conversion, and the steps needed to fix those. Then you can collaborate with a partner like GoKwik who can solve those problems for you. 

    This way, you can focus on delivering the best products and services to your customers while we take care of everything that supports the reaching of your products to your target customers.

    So, are you ready for a boost in your eCommerce conversions with maximum RTO protection? If you have any questions or want to get started, we are always available. Ping us and let’s sit and talk about it. Having the merchant first philosophy, we thrive when you do. Until next time. 


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