6 KwikChat Tips: Prepare For Upcoming Festive Season Sale 2023

In today’s digital age, online eCommerce brands are constantly exploring innovative ways to connect with customers and drive sales. WhatsApp Commerce, the integration of business transactions within a popular messaging app, has emerged as a powerful marketing tool in India today. With its widespread adoption and extensive user base, WhatsApp Commerce offers a unique opportunity for eCommerce brands to leverage its capabilities during the upcoming festive season sale and drive higher sales and even long term retention. KwikChat, a GoKwik-powered WhatsApp solution tool, helps online brands open new business avenues and maximise conversions during and even after this important sale period. 

In this blog, we’d like to shed some light on 

  • The importance of Indian festive season period 
  • The advantages of using WhatsApp commerce to maximise conversions
  • How KwikChat can help brands scale their business at large

Importance Of The Indian Festive Season Sale

India observes one of the biggest festive seasons starting from August (Raksha Bandhan) till December (Christmas). It’s the time when Indians shop the most. This means, it’s the time when businesses witness the highest number of sales and revenue generation. 

Moreover, with shoppers increasingly shopping online, this period serves as a gold-mine for brands to leverage and make the most of it. According to sources, during the first phase of eCommerce festive season sales, eCommerce brands witnessed about 5.4X growth in their overall daily sales. Their shipment volume also increased by 3X over non-festive days.  

However, with every proceeding year, the competition is getting fierce and sustenance has become an issue for most eCommerce brands, especially during the massive festive season sales.  

So, how can eCommerce brands make the most of the upcoming 2023 festive sale? Leverage WhatsApp Commerce.    

Advantages Of WhatsApp Commerce To Maximise Profits During The Upcoming Festive Season

WhatsApp Commerce, especially in the last one year, has turned into a master marketing tool for businesses. It’s not only serving as a platform for educating the masses, driving marketing campaigns, but giving customers the convenience and ease of shopping via WhatsApp itself. 

Let’s take a look at some capabilities of WhatsApp that businesses can leverage to maximise profits during the upcoming festive season sale. 

1. Build A Direct & Personalised Two-Way Communication Channel

WhatsApp allows businesses to establish a direct line of communication with customers, creating a personalised shopping experience. With features like chat, voice messages, and multimedia sharing, businesses can engage with customers in real-time, providing them with product information, recommendations, and resolving queries instantly.

2. Catalogue Showcasing

WhatsApp Business enables eCommerce brands to create and showcase product catalogues, making it easy for customers to browse and explore their offerings. With the festive season sale, brands can update their catalogues with exclusive festive discounts, limited-time offers, and new arrivals, attracting customers and increasing conversion rates.

3. Order Placement and Tracking

WhatsApp Commerce facilitates seamless order placement and tracking. Customers can place orders through the messaging app itself, eliminating the need for multiple platforms. They can also receive real-time updates on their orders, including shipping details and delivery status, enhancing the overall shopping experience.

4. Personalised Offers and Promotions

By analysing customer data and preferences, businesses can create personalised offers and promotions tailored to individual customers. WhatsApp Commerce allows businesses to send targeted messages and notifications, offering exclusive deals, discount codes, and early access to festive sales, further driving purchases.

5. Offer Easy & Quick Payment Options

WhatsApp Commerce platforms often integrate multiple payment options, including UPI, mobile wallets, and net banking, making the purchase process seamless for customers. This convenience encourages customers to complete transactions quickly and securely, boosting sales during the festive season.

KwikChat – A WhatsApp Solution Partner That Every Brand Needs in 2023

KwikChat, a GoKwik product, is one of the leading WhatsApp solution providers in India today. It’s a feature-rich platform designed to empower businesses in driving purchases and maximising sales during the festive season and beyond. 

Some notable features of KwikChat that businesses can leverage especially during the festive season sale are as follows.

1. Automated Catalogue Management

KwikChat allows businesses to create and manage catalogues effortlessly, enabling them to showcase their products with high-quality images, detailed descriptions, and pricing information. 

Catalogue updates can be easily made, ensuring customers have access to the latest offerings. Besides this, KwikChat also offers the capability to build and offer personalised catalogues reducing unnecessary frictions and increasing conversions.

2. Complete Marketing Messaging 

Considering that Whatsapp poses a 98% open rate along with a 45-60% click-through rate, KwikChat equips brands with the ability to run targeted marketing campaigns on WhatsApp and increase curiosity, engagement, and hence, conversions. 

  • Broadcast festive-focused marketing campaigns
  • Increase product discovery and new launches  
  • Direct Meta ads to WhatsApp and drive higher conversions
  • Use custom flows to improve experience and drive sales 

3. End-to-end Shopping Journey On WhatsApp

KwikChat understands that the percentage of cart abandonments increase during the festive seasons. That is because shoppers like to explore other platforms before making the decision. This increases the probability of lost conversions. To reduce this, KwikChat offers end-to-end shopping journey on WhatsApp. This means, 

  • Complete product discovery 
  • Option to add items to cart 
  • Seamlessly checkout and make payment 

4. Backed By RTO Intelligence

Besides abandonments, return-to-origins is another grave challenge associated with festive seasons. Many customers place orders, especially cash-on-delivery orders, only to cancel them at a later stage due to many know reasons including finding the same product on another site at a cheaper price, impulse buying, product not needed anymore, and so on. 

To reduce such cases, KwikChat comes in-built with RTO intelligence. Herein, the WhatsApp tool focuses on 100% address verification to ensure the genuineness of the shoppers. It further uses its intelligent and risk-based senses to flag orders with RTO potential. This is done by,

  • Analysing the past shopping behaviour of the shopper
  • No manual inspections for bad addresses
  • Easily identifying duplicate orders

KwikChat further implements risk-based communication interventions to reduce the risk of RTOs during the festive season. These include reconfirming cash on delivery (COD) orders, offering customers the option to convert their cash-led orders to prepaid ones, and sending reinforcement messages. 

5. Secure Payments

KwikChat supports secure payment options, ensuring customers can complete transactions seamlessly within the WhatsApp interface. Integration with popular payment gateways provides customers with a safe and convenient checkout experience.

6. End-to-end Automated Chatbot Support

Considering the heavy flow of traffic during the festive season and resulting queries, KwikChat also equips companies with an end-to-end automated chatbot support system.

  • 80% automated chatbot support exponentially reducing support cost
  • Automatically assigning tickets to agents and ensuring smooth operations
  • Access to support dashboard to manage queries coming from various channels
  • Unlimited agent handling support


As the festive season approaches, leveraging WhatsApp Commerce can be a game-changer for businesses in India. With its direct communication, personalised approach, catalogue showcasing, seamless order management, and many other capabilities, WhatsApp Commerce can empower businesses to drive purchases and make the most of the festive season sale. 

By utilising WhatsApp Commerce solutions like KwikChat by Gokwik, businesses can tap into the immense potential of this platform and create a delightful shopping experience for customers, leading to increased sales and customer loyalty.

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Astha Khandelwal